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Summer Fun with your DOG

Summer Fun with your DOG

Now that the fourth of July has passed, we were wondering at FETCH what to do next this summer with our dogs? So we came up with a few great ideas. Whether you and your four legged friends prefer nights out in town or nature walks, there are plenty of places to chose from on Long Island. Hampton beaches and local North Shore parks offer a casual, adventurous escape from our pressures.

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Summer Essentials for Doggie days at the Beach

Summer Essentials for Doggie days at the Beach

As the 4th of July weekend approaches our thought naturally turn to sun filled, fun filled days at the beach. Living on Long Island we are blessed to be able to enjoy many beautiful beaches with our pets. The beaches on Long Island are among its most popular attractions. Spending the day or afternoon with your pet at a local beach can be joyous for both of you and even more enjoyable if you are prepared.

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