BRAND SPOTLIGHT – Q & A with Eye Of Dog

We just LOVE this always fresh, chic, handmade, urban fashion brand from Melbourne, Australia and we are delighted that Eye Of Dog’s designer, Kathy could answer some questions for FETCH about her creative edgy collections!

Q: Can you tell us what inspired you to design your own collection of Dog Apparel?

Kathy: When I was younger I was OBSESSED with getting a dog and would create clothes in preparation for one day getting a puppy. I was 13 years old then and could only really create strange knitted tops with large holes.

Later on when I finally found Eyvi, (my little Chihuahua/daughter) I wanted to find her some really cool clothes. I found that there was nothing I would feel comfortable with her wearing. I wanted clothing for her that I would wear or at least match my own personal style. I couldn’t find anything online and started to once again make my own clothing. Luckily I’d moved from my knitting needles onto a sewing machine!

It started as more of a hobby, passion for myself. I slowly started to put it out to my friends and family and had great responses that encouraged me to put it out into the world and create Eye Of Dog.

Q. What sources of inspiration do you use when designing a new collections?

Kathy: I’m very inspired by fabrics! I love going into a fabric store and seeing what colours, patterns jump out at me. I’m 100% a fabric hoarder and I am constantly looking for new fabrics and ideas.

Whenever I design and item for Eyvi or my online store, I ask myself if I would wear the fabric/design. I really need to feel excited with the style to feel comfortable putting it out into the public,

Q. Do you have a favorite design from your collections?

Kathy: My favourite design so far is the original Moto Vest I first put online when I started ‘Eye of Dog’ It had a really authentic imitation leather. I’m going to be making more of the original Moto Vest this year with a really beautiful imitation leather that I was able to source this past January.

I also get really excited about my Faux Fur Jumpers. They’re just really fun and different! I like to make items in my collections that are really unexpected for a dog to wear!

Eyvi napping while Mom Kathy cuts imitation Leather

4. What trends are you excited about for2018?

Kathy: I’m really excited about a soft pastel colour palette. I’m feeling a lot more of a need for pretty pinks and lilacs in my designs this year and merging urban styles with a really feminine colour palette. Also, I absolutely love the bright pops of colour in Faux Fur Jackets.

Coming in late February to FETCH the new Mesh’n around Top

Eyvi admiring the new Faux Fur

One thing is for certain, this brand is FUN! We can’t wait to see what Kathy has in store in the months to come! Many of Kathy’s styles can be found on our website and in our boutique.